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I’m available to run workshops, give talks and interviews, and create illustrations via commission. Find more info here, and get in touch!

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Do you need a cover illustration, conference image, gift or artwork? Ask me about creating a bespoke illustration just for you.

2022 conference image for the Australian Fairy Tale Society

Talks and interviews

I present at literary festival, libraries, schools and conferences. I love being on panels to discuss illustration, myths and fairy tales, collaboration, creating children’s books, and more. And I really love to chair panels and interview writers, artists and illustrators about their craft.

Bendigo Writer’s Festival 2021


Lorena’s cyanotype workshop is much loved by artists and writers, children and adults. Participants explore their local surroundings and use found objects, and the cyanotype process (one of the earliest forms of photographic printing), to create their own montaged creatures and landscapes. They are encouraged to view the process of montage illustration as a chance to play, rather than feel pressured to make ‘capital A’ Art. The extended workshop incorporates a writing session, which uses participant’s artwork to flip the process and notion of the ‘illustrated story’. 

The workshop has been adapted to cater to primary school students, who used objects from the school yard to create their own fairy tales; teenagers, who wove together visual imagery and poetry to create a school anthology; adults, who requested their own workshops after watching their children have all the fun!; and writers, who used illustration and visual language to help work through writers block. It has been taught in many places from a tiny school of nine students in regional Victoria, through libraries and classrooms, to a castle in Ireland.  

For children:

We collect small objects, paint emulsion onto paper, make collage pictures and expose them in the sun to make beautiful blue silhouette pictures. In longer workshops, we enhance them with pencil and watercolour and/or chat about illustration and text, and create stories around their pictures.

Message me to ask me about running a workshop at your school, festival or event.

For adults:

So many parents and teachers asked me about the workshops that I now run them for adults too!

The extended workshop for writers incorporates a writing session, which uses participant’s artwork to flip the process and notion of the ‘illustrated story’. They will use their illustration, pulling out threads of imagery, details, colours and textures, to inspire and inform a piece of writing that could never have existed without their initial visual creation. 

Or gather a group and make a party of creative play!

Adult cyanotype workshop at Buda House, Castlemaine 2021