Find my frequently asked questions here. Want to ask me another? Head to my contact page.

How do you make your illustrations?

My illustrations are all made from photographs. I photographic small objects on the lightbox to turn them into silhouettes, and human figures against a lit backdrop. The backgrounds are often layered with several images to give them some depth. I often make fantastical figures (dragons, goblins, impossible castles) out of many pieces of sticks, bone, lichen, leaves and flowers; often hundreds of them… One recent illustration has 300 image layers. 

Where can I buy your books?

Call into your local independent bookseller. If they don’t have what you’re after, ask them to order it in! My favourite bricks and mortar bookseller is Bookish Bendigo. You can also head on over to my online shop, or buy directly through the publisher. Serenity Press has my fairy tale and folklore books.

Can I buy your illustrations?

Absolutely! Head on over to my online shop for a range of small prints, books, puzzles, and more.

I also sell large artwork prints for framing and hanging on you wall. Contact me for info on getting any illustration printed up to 20×24 inches in size.

Can I book you for a workshop or talk?

Yes! I run workshops for children and adults alike, and talk about illustrations, art process and books! I also love to interview other bookish people for festivals and events. Head over to my Work With Me page for more information.

Will you illustrate my book or cover?

I mostly work through publishers on book illustration, but I love creating covers by commission. Do please get in touch if you feel my style would suit your book! And if you have a fantastic story you want illustrated, do get in touch. I’m always happy to chat.

Why did you become an illustrator?

I’ve always been a photographer and artist, and I’ve always loved books. There’s nothing else I could have turned into! I also really love collaboration – there’s such magic in it – so making books is one of the best way to work with other fabulous people all the time!

Do you have any advice for aspiring illustrators?

Definitely build up a strong and diverse portfolio. Also, make connections. I know talking to people can be terrifying, but connect online if you can’t bring yourself to chat at book launches and festivals. Don’t pester, but do be friendly, and support the work of your peers. Illustration, especially in books, is all about working with other people, so building good relationships is vital.