Two weeks go

I leave for my May Gibbs Creative Time Fellowship in Adelaide in just two weeks. I’ve started making lists: what to pack, what to work on, what to see and do, and it’s suddenly feeling real! I’ve also been reading blog posts by others who have stayed before (such an extraordinary alumni list) and trying to find the shape of what I’d like to achieve. Yes, I’ve got several projects to work on (more on those when I’m there!) but from all accounts it’s also a bit of a life-changing experience. Do I want to examine my practice? My routine? Explore new ways of illustrating and writing? To start with, I’ve booked in for a couple of online masterclasses through ASA and SCBWI during the month, and plan to do a lot of walking, exploring, and of course burrowing down in ‘The Burrow’ to work. I can’t wait.

And I’m all ears if any MGCTF alumni or Adelaide folks have any advice on what to do and where to explore! The Santos Museum of Economic Botany is on my list (Thanks to Jenny Mitchell for the tip!). As is the Zoo, AGSA and the Central Market

I’m looking forward to documenting the month here, and over on the socials of course, with a huge amount of gratitude to the wonderful folks at the Children’s Literature Trust for the opportunity, time, and space to work and explore my practice.